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Full Version: How To Auto Start FLB
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Using FLB with MS XP and SP2...can't get it to auto start..saw another post about properly shutting down Windows with FLB in place will make it restart in place...tried and won't work...using the "Start" menu to access shutdown dialog box....have tried to turn off Quick Launch in ToolBar Properties and leave FLB on, but that won't work either...any suggestions?...will TLB cure this problem?..what is the "trial" period on TLB?...any help appreciated..John H., Houston, TX
Read this topic. It is about TLB but there are same problems with any toolbar.
Am using Windows XP- Yuri's post and references...edited Registry as direct and removed the "NoSaveSettings" work as advertised...Yahoo!

Спасибо Yuri за всю помощь... я appreciate вся ваша помощь

John Helms, Houston, TX
jmhh Wrote:Спасибо Yuri за всю помощь... я appreciate вся ваша помощь
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