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Full Version: True Launch Bar - FAQ - Let's make FAQ for True Launch Bar!!!
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If you can add some items in this FAQ or you have some questions Welcome to this topic Smile

Hope this will be helpfull for all Smile.
Q: When I try to install it all I get is a message telling me that the: The procedure entry point SHGetSpesialFolderPathA couldnot be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll Is this just me or is it a known Bug? :o

A: This is not the bug. True Launch Bar needs Active Desktop to be installed. So you must to install this to use True Launch Bar.
Note: It concerns only to Windows 95/NT4. Other version of Windows are already have Active Desktop.
Q: How to Drag and drop files to True Launch Bar?

For version prior
In TL Left Click or Right Click have same effect
Click on it's own and drag. File is moved to TL folder
Click | press ALT and drag to TL for Shortcut
Click | press CTRL and drag to TL for Copy
For version
Default behavor for drag&drop is Create Shortcut.
Drag using right button give you menu with actions
Click | press ALT and drag to TL for Shortcut
Click | press CTRL and drag to TL for Copy
Click | press SHIFT and drag to TL for Move
Q: I am trying to get the toolbar to the left but whatever i do it will not!!!
A: There are small vertical separator on the left side of True Launch Bar (When you move mouse over it the cursor are changed). Click it and drag TLB to the left side of taskbar while it will appear there.
Note: It is necessary to be sometimes more persevering to move TLB to the left side Smile. Sometimes can seem that the panel does not move any more but if you will continue the dragging you will get the result.