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Full Version: Looking good Yuri!
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Hey, congrats on the new tool. I'm not a programmer per se, but I do hope to write some scripts to do various things. Can you recommend any good low-cost learning aides to learn VBScript, and Javascript? What are your sample items written in?
{{date:formatdate(1)}} It's Javascript--yes? -Steve
{{date:formatdate(1)}} - this is just a template with tag that will be replaced with the current date in long format. You can write there something like:

Current date: {{date:formatdate(1)}}

and Text Accelerator will insert
Current date: Sunday, March 4, 2012

VBScript and JavaScript are in the .tascript files (Modifiers files). You can open the folder with the modifiers by clicking the icon "folder with gear". The you can find there formatdate.tascript modifier, used in this example. Format of the modifier files are described here. The accelerators syntax is here.

Below are some links for VBScript:
VBScript User's Guide
VBScript Language Reference
JScript User's Guide (Windows Scripting - JScript)
JavaScript Reference

Also there are lot of examples and working solutions in JavaScript in the internet.