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Full Version: Start Killer hoverable?
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Would it be possible to make StartKiller hoverable to at least open the menu?

I guess it would be hard to make it close by leaving the area because it just triggers the real startmenu - but for opening it, it should be possible?

.... ooops .... i just stumbled and accidently pushed this topic back to the top ...

Big Grin
Here's an option to do what you want using TLB and one of Yuri's utilities called PressStart (available here). To do this, you'll probably want to put it on it's own toolbar, so go into TLB Settings and create a new one (Toolbars tab). Add this new toolbar to your taskbar (right click on the taskbar, select "Toolbars", then "True Launch Bar ..." (make sure you select the one with the three periods). Select the new toolbar you created and hit OK. Add a shortcut to the PressStart program on this toolbar, tehn open up TLB Settings for this toolbar. On the General tab, there's an option to run shortcuts on hover, with an associated delay. Check that box and set the delay as desired. Now your start menu will appear if you hover on that icon, and you can hide the start killer icon in your system tray - you won't need it anymore.
I hope this is similiar to what you were trying to do and you haven't changed your mind Big Grin
Thanx shapeshifter.

This is a good idea and it works the way i intended it to be.


Also i withdraw hereby my request for this feature. No need to waste time implementing this in the program itself.
Great tip!!! I never thought about this opportunity Big Grin
I just changed my PressStart to hover and I must say that even though I'm doing one less click, it adds a lot of productivity. Thanks for the tip!
Glad everyone is finding it useful Smile But really, Yuri's done all the hard work here Smile
Even with Shapeshifters tip, the Start menu will not pop-up
if I hover over the Presstart shortcut icon while dragging a

This is quite important for managing the start menu - adding
new files and shortcuts.

At the moment I must press the Windows key to make it pop

Hmm.. I also just noticed that the start shortcut on hover thing doesn't work if a window (and not the taskar) has the active focus.
It's because it's a shortcut, not a menu item. In TLB settings, you have to select Run Shortcuts on mouse hover, and it will work fine! Big Grin
Quote:In TLB settings, you have to select Run Shortcuts on mouse hover, and it will work fine!

No for me, I already did that. That's the tip Shapeshifter
gave - run shortcuts on hover.