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Full Version: Net Monitor v.0.1 beta - has been released
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Net Monitor plugin v.0.1 beta has been released

Net Monitor allow you to control network connections. It can show many parameters of connection like Bytes Received/Sent, Bytes Received/Sent per second, Connection speed, IP address etc. Also Net Monitor can show graph of network utilization. Net Monitor can play sound when you create new connection or disconnected.

Net Monitor supports all types of connections including LAN and Dial-Up. Net Monitor supports skins.

System requirement: Windows 2000/XP/98/Me

More information:
Great plugin with one problem. I use a 100BaseT ethernet card to connect to my cable modem. The plugin assumes my max download and upload is limited by the NIC, and sets the top end of the graph at 100Mbps. Since my actual network throughput rarely exceeds 300Kbps on downloads and maybe a tenth of that on uploads because of my modem, the graphs barely flinch. The text appears to be fairly accurate, however. Is it possible to change the top scale of the upload and download graphs (preferably independant of each other)?
Yeah, me too want this, if it is possible.
Yeah, same here with my connection. Also it would be nice if you could ignore a specific network adapter (Ignore a lan adapter, while displaying an internet adapter - both via network cards).

Fantastic plugin though, been looking for something like this for a long time and this is almost perfect Smile

Great Work!
Truly great plugin! Smile

I use DU-Meter, which is *very* good but lays on top of all windows which means I have to click the tray icon to see the current throughput.
(It even shows a history graph.) See:
Now I don't need that program any more since the relevant data is visible all the time!

I would like to be able to show BITS per second as well as bytes. Is that easy to add?
By the way, shouldn't there be a uppercase B for bytes and a lowercase b for bits?

Best regards


Hello, I just installed this plugin and find it to be very convenient. However, I have multiple network cards, and 2 of them I am not interested in having the graph displayed for. Perhaps in a later version, you can choose which adapters to display. Thanks alot!
OK, in the next version:
1) Hiding some network interfaces
2) Manual top bandwidth
3) Changing units (Bit, Byte, KB, MB, GB etc.)
good plugin, I agree with what has been said already, the three improvements mentioned are great things to work on.

Thanks for giving us another great plugin Big Grin
Would it be possible to add some kind of history graph like the program DU-Meter mentioned recently?
I often find myself looking at the Net Monitor when downloading stuff to see how things are going, from a throughput perspective.
The digits only shows momentary values that can jump up and down every second which makes it difficult to get a good idea about how the download is going.
What do You think about making the Net Monitor a little wider and providing a graph which moves to the left, one pixel per digit update cycle.

Do I make any sense? Smile

Quote:Would it be possible to add some kind of history graph like the program DU-Meter mentioned recently?
I agree this feature would be useful, but I prefer the displays currently available. Maybe you could add this as a graph type selectable in the skin's ini file. That way it would be easy to add this functionality without losing any of the current functionality.
I just tried the System Monitor which has the same type of graph that I would like to see for the Net Monitor. Nice!



Yuri Kobets Wrote:OK, in the next version:
1) Hiding some network interfaces
2) Manual top bandwidth
3) Changing units (Bit, Byte, KB, MB, GB etc.)
Option to view readout in moment-to-moment or average values Wink


Option to show the real IP, not internal IP.
For example the Ip address of the proxy or server to share the internet connection.
And option to set the interval time refresh.

To do this you can use the url <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->. This service is free.
That last option would indeed be nice. It's pretty easy, I made a small tool which does the same, only I used my own script instead of (hate to rely on their HTML output, so I used XML: output & source (for IE, use View -> Source for the last link or it'll complain about invalid XML)). Since I'm behind a router as well, it would sure make life easier...

...I'm also thinking about creating a standalone plugin which can do that, but I'll contact you about that as I'll need more info on the internals of TLB plugins Smile


for some reason i dont actually get any graphs.. i get the #'s no problem but just an empty space where the graphs are supposed to be.. i wouldnt mind this so much but it takes up too much of my taskbar with just empty space.. what gives?
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