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Full Version: Tick box - Click things on, click things off
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The idea is to make a simple switch which people can use
to control their own macros, batch scripts, etc.

[Image: tickbox.gif]

Each time the box is ticked, a shortcut would be run. Each
time the box is unticked, an alternate shortcut would be run.

Using this basic plugin with a macro program, *anything*
could be controlled simply by ticking or unticking the handy
desktop option box.

Here are a few random possibilities. As with macros in
general, the purpose is to erradicate many clicks:
(i) Periodically FTP webcam pictures, or not.
(ii) Use business email and fax templates, address book and
True Launch Bar configuration.. or casual.
(iii) Auto-add fresh downloads to mp3 playlist, or not.
(iv) Keep a particular window on top, or not.
(v) Switch language settings for dictionary/macros/etc.
(vi) Turn lights on/off (with X10.)
(vii) Go 'invisible' or 'away' in multiple chat programs.
(viii) Set an alternate default printer for a short while.

The following options should be available:
(i) Select the shortcut to be run when ticked.
(ii) Select the shortcut to be run when unticked.
(iii) Choose the startup state of box, ticked or unticked.
(iv) Choose whether to run a shortcut at startup.

Also, the following might be considered:
(i) Input for an attached label.
(ii) Customize that pop-up context help bubble.
(iii) Option to run a shortcut repeatedly (at timed intervals)
whilst the box is ticked. IE run the shortcut every X
(iv) Option to run repeatedly whilst unticked, as above.
(v) Skins. Someone may want a tick or cross design, or to
make it look like a light switch.

/Mark Smile
First annual bump Wink Would be really handy right now.
i'd get it

just a thought, would you put in pop-up alerts when something hasn't been done by a certain time and date?
That would need the plugin to get reports from the program
which had ran? For a start, I just wanted something
dumb. Just to run one shortcut when ticked, then run
another when unticked.

Checking to see if a job has actually been done might be v2?
This would be a nice feature. Give the checkbox a 'checked' property that can fire a script of some sort, and it would be great.

For example, on startup, the checkbox runs 'IsChecked', a script that verifies the condition of a service, and returns True/False. If the service is running, the box is checked.

Unchecking the box calls 'UnChecked', which stops the service. Re-checking it calls 'Checked' which restarts it.

Hooking the Windows Scripting Host into the plugin would allow folks to use a number of languages for scripting.

I may have to see about getting VC++ so I can try my hand at this one of these days...
Cool Smile Then we could do with radio buttons,
text fields, drop-down menus Wink

Second annual bump \Big Grin/ You know you want it!

Third annual bump! [-o<

Tick boxes, text fields, radio buttons. All written out to a text file, or running shortcuts as previously described. Would be very handy for everyone with imagination! Like two hundred plug-ins in one, with something like Perfect Tools from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

We could use that here as well.
Still hoping, six years since the original suggestion :wink:

I'm employed as an I.T. Manager now, so this could have great potential, being deployed for various tasks throughout our college. Staff just having a text box, drop-down, tick box and submit button on the taskbar, able to choose an option or input data with one click.

The behind-the-scenes functionality would be up to the person deploying the toolbar. We just need a .bat or .exe executed when a button is pressed, or a text file updated with the latest text input.

Very impressive to see Yuri working hard and so many familiar names still here and contributing, after all this time since I last visited the forum.

This would be a GREAT plug-in!
I would think you could do things like changing a Registry setting and by virtue of the "tick" mark, you would know what state it was in. You could have a menu of these things like:
- show hidden files
- NoSaveSettings
- Hide File Extensions
and then change them back just as easy.
10th annual bump! Rolleyes Smile
An idea that may not be quite so popular but:

How about a "Premium Version" of True Launch Bar that would incorporate several options that an advanced user or IT manager would use for a network perhaps? These extra options would not be desired by the majority of users but certain advanced situations would find them valuable.

Therefore the "Premium Version" would add a small added cost to the price so that Yuri can have extra added incentive to develop some of these things. It would sound good to call it an Enterprise Version but considering some of the potential options there may be non-enterprise but advanced users wishing the possibilities of such a version.

Best regards