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Full Version: Multiple monitors & True Launch - Anybody tried this?
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I was kinda thinking what would happen with True Launch if I hooked up a second monitor. Do you get two launch bars? or maybe one long bar stretching across two monitors.

Anyway I'll try it this week and report back.

Well, maybe you'll be disappointed, but you'll "simply" get one bar, docked to the screen edge you chose. Anyway, you can dock it to second monitor's edges, too. It doesn't stretch (neither Windows bar does).

Yes. You'll get one Launch bar that can be docked where you want it. I just tested it. Undock TLB and move it to the second monitor. Dock it or leave it freefloating. Start a second copy of TLB on the first monitor - Now you have two launchbars. Using TLB switching feature - You can switch either toolbars easily on either screen. Pretty cool.