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Full Version: Command Line v.1.0 - has been released
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Command Line v.1.0 plugin for True Launch Bar has been released

Command Line plugin allow you to execute any command by typing it on keyboard. Command Line can replace the Run dialog from standard Start menu. But using Command Line plugin you can create your own aliases for complex commands. Also using this plugin you can easy search anything over Internet. Command line supports skins and auto-complete. Also you can place this plugin into menu and access command line using hotkey.

Note: Command Line plugin can be used only with TLB version and newer.

Download: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
More info:
very nice Smile
now causes explorer.exe to crash/freeze a lot, is not capable of opening for example c:\program files, or other folders with spaces in the name, internet addresses.. but not full path to space named folders.
don't know if these crashes are because of the new version of tlb or the plugin, seem like the plugin
you need to quote names with spaces. Type:
"c:\program files"
IceCaveman Wrote:now causes explorer.exe to crash/freeze a lot, ...{snip}...
don't know if these crashes are because of the new version of tlb or the plugin, seem like the plugin
I concur. I'm afraid I can't give any details either, except I've been crashing more frequently since the upgrade and my use of the command line plug-in.

I also seem to feel it's the command-line plugin since the crashes seem to occur either as I'm using it or soon after. This is just a "gut feeling" though.

It's not related to quote/space since I have been quoting my command lines since the beginning.

The explorer error is just the generic "explorer.exe has created errors and will restart".

Where is your command line plugin? On toolbar or inside menu? Also please can you tell me your system details?
BTW when you get explorer crashes? What do you do before it? Or this is casual process?
This happens to me aswell. My cmdline is set to autohide and resides on my main TLB (always there - it is my quicklaunch folder)

When I go to input (hotkeyed) or I switch to the cmdline explorer will crash, only sometimes though!!

Nice plugin though. Can u get it to display the time like Daves Quick Search Bar - that would be cool
I get random crashes when I empty the recycle bin. The command line is not in any submenu's, its on the main taskbar.
Yuri Kobets Wrote:BTW when you get explorer crashes? What do you do before it? Or this is casual process?
At work, command line is inside a menu. At home, command line is not inside a menu. In both cases, I am getting crashes.

One cause for the crash may be related to the autocomplete/command history function.

I have had cases where I have an alias such as "m" that matches something that used to be an alias ("music"). I type m, but it's autocompleted to "music" since that's in my history. Nothing happens. I try a few times and then realize why "m" isn't working. I type "m" <delete> to clear the auto-complete portion of the word ("usic"), press enter: and I get a crash.

Sorry for rambling. I hope that makes sense.

As a request; I'd like to see command history and autocomplete both optional so that I could disable one or both as desired.

Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional version 5.0.2195 Service Pack 4
Shell Version:5.0.3700.6705
Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2800.1106
TLB version:
Oh... this may also help.

I'm starting to see what seems to be a pattern now.

If an attempt to use command line is "unsuccessful", you'll crash soon after.

For example, if you type "blargh!" in command line, nothing will happen. Do that a few times. A crash is pretty certain soon afterwards it seems.

I'm going to experiment and try to get a repeatable series of commands to cause a crash.
Yes. That's definately got it! Just keep typing nonsense into command line. After a few tries you'll get a crash. I've been able to repeat this each time.

Some more information. The crash may also be related to deleting an "invisible character".

The top image below shows the initial appearance of the command line plugin. The cursor is in there, and there is nothing to "select".

Once you've typed something in the command line, it returns focus to itself, but now there is an invisible character selected. You can click in the window to remove the selection, but there is definately a character now in the window that can be hilighted.

If your careful not to "delete" this mysterious character you can almost always avoid a crash.

One more way to get Explorer crush:

just type something like "c:\windows\" (without double quotes) and wait for seconds...
Maybe it should be a dropdown with dirs and file in c:\windows directory? It's cool but not working.

This bug appears for any type of dirs, empty|with big amount of files/dirs|with 10-20 files/dirs... any.

...:::My System Info:::...
Windows Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 (PIV-2.2 Ghz, 512 RAM)

Shell Version:6.0.2800.1233

Internet Explorer Version: 6.0.2800.1106

TLB version:
It is clear this is a work in progress; but I know Yuri will get it all worked out as always! Wink

I am getting random crashes after trying to use command line as well.

I love adding my own stuff though; Thanks Yuri!

I will have to go back to using 'Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar' for now though to avoid the crashes ???
It would be cool if one day command line can out-do dave's Wink

I am sure some are going to wish to know what dave's is all about so:
(Psss... It is FREE!)

Credit: I am pretty sure I found out about dave's from Chisato; Thanks!
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