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- HorusUK - 01-01-2004

Could the weather monitor support day and night images for the icons?

As a lot of weather sites supply sunrise and sunset data, it would be nice if the Weather Monitor would use this data to change from day to night images!

How about wind direction, with graphics support, too?

Thanks! Big Grin

- Dracula - 01-02-2004

Quote:As a lot of weather sites supply sunrise and sunset data, it would be nice if the Weather Monitor would use this data to change from day to night images!

Hehe, that would be cool indeed! But two extra time fields in the properties would also be great...

I think the best way to implement this, is use the day images for the night by default (so it wouldn't break any old skin), and allow new skins to add and 'override' some images for the night.
In case of Rain or Snow, the day and night images could be the same, but for a Clear sky they could be different...

However, in my opinion, this has low priority, as it is only a small visual improvement... Maybe when the plugin's source is available these things can be built in easily Wink

- Q Section - 01-02-2004

Hello HorusUK
Yes the Weather Monitor plugin can display Day/Night icons now. It is a little tricky but possible. Also Wind Direction is now possible as well. As you can see in our screenshot we have a daytime image of the condition of 'Fog'. When it becomes night time our Weather Monitor changes to an appropriate image to reflect some night condition. Also please notice we have Temperature, Humidity, Wind Direction and Speed, then Condition.

In order to do this one must be using a weather service which uses day and night icons. The service must have a textual indication of wind speed and wind direction as well. If your weather service has these then it is easy to parse those values to place them in the Weather Monitor.

If you need help to do this please post your questions and we or someone else can assist you.

Best wishes

- HorusUK - 01-02-2004

Thanks for the reply, QSection! Are you getting the icon images from the weather website, and if so, how? Secondly, the point about the wind image support was so I could add a compass or arrow as a graphic, to indicate wind direction.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that's making their own mods to the plugins. I'll post them as skins as soon as they're done.

- Q Section - 01-02-2004


We have been busy setting up a new field office and we have been using a weather service named AWS. It is at (Enter your desired postal code in the box on lower right.) They have day and night icons which are parsing in our Weather Monitor plug-in. Unfortunately this weather service is not available in the UK so another service is needed.

We have not been to Headquarters lately because of the heaps of field work required to be done what with the international situation and everything. You may contact mark76uk and he can assist with a weather service for your area.

mark76uk has also made some posts regarding these things we have discussed last February. You might check this thread as well. Please post any further questions.

- Q Section - 01-02-2004

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- HorusUK - 01-02-2004

Thanks for your help, QSection...

For anyone that's interested, here's what I'm working on, but please bear in mind I'm no artist, so it's purely functional!

[Image: DK%20InfoPanel.jpg]

Comments/Assistance welcome...

Big Grin