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- Q Section - 02-27-2004

Here is a partial list of the many possibilities using the Weather Monitor plugin that have been tested and work:

Weather Monitor (in many configurations)

Wind Monitor (displays Wind Speed, Direction & Gusts)

UV Monitor (displays UV Number and UV Risk)

Health/Allergy Monitor (displays Overall Pollen, Trees, Grass, Weeds, Mold and Air Quality)(can display counts and sub-types as well)

Sun Monitor (displays Sunrise & Sunset in Actual Time, Civil Twilight, Nautical Twilight, Astronomical Twilight, Length of Day, Length of Visible Light)

Moon Monitor (displays Moonrise, Moonset, Moonphase & % of Moon Illuminated)

Movie Monitor (displays films and showtimes at your nearby cinema)

News Monitor (displays Headlines and Stories for your favourite News provider i.e. BBC or CNN etc.)

Tide Monitor (displays complete Tidal Information, Marine Advisories, Small Craft Warnings etc.)

Marine Monitor (displays Marine Data related to boating, water temperature, Advisories etc.)

Hurricane/Cyclone Monitor (displays all necessary information regarding adverse tropical storms)

Stock Market Monitor (displays Stock, Share and Futures Prices with daily changes (information on delay))

Television Monitor (displays Programme Times & Channels)

Homeland Security Advisory System (displays current Threat Level)

Zodiac Monitor (displays Zodiacal information)

Space Weather Monitor (displays Solar Wind, X-ray Flares, Sunspot Information and a lot more)

Earthquake Monitor (displays latest Earthquake Information Worldwide and more)

Air Quality Monitor (displays Ozone and particlulates with quality ratings)

Computer Security Monitor (displays Advisory information regarding latest Viruses & Worms)

Product Recall Monitor (displays product recalls)

Amber Alert Monitor (displays missing children information)

Traveler's Warning Monitor (displays Traveler's Alerts regarding safety and medical alerts)

Sports Monitor (displays latest Sports scores and can display curent play-by-play for certain events)

These are just the beginning of what is to come! If anyone desires assistance for skinning or parsing any of these or other files many of us can assist in possibly creating the necessary files/icons/configurations. Please post your desires. [DISCLAIMER] Many of the above are only available in certain areas but every attempt shall be made to supply your wishes!

More to come....

- Q Section - 02-27-2004

Even more -

Fishing Report Monitor (displays daily fishing reports for your area)

Hunting Report Monitor (displays latest hunting news for your area)

Specialty Publication News Monitor (displays any of your specialty newsletter news)

Recipe of the Day Monitor (displays a new recipe every day)

Prayer of the Day Monitor (displays a daily prayer)

Scripture of the Day Monitor (displays a daily scripture)

TLB Forum Monitor (displays the latest posts in TLB Forum)

- HorusUK - 02-27-2004

Vote away! I'm happy to assist in whatever the users of TLB care to request for monitoring... Big Grin

- djmorgan - 02-27-2004

Me Me how can I bring a graphic into weather monitor, here is a snippet

<td colspan="2" valign="top" align="center">
<a href="/currentweather/radartwc.jsp?code=050"><img src="" border="0"></a>

Now if I set up to find <a href="/currentweather/radartwc.jsp?code=050"><img src I can't get it to load the graphic..... no matter how I hold my toungue ???

- Q Section - 02-27-2004

Parsed graphics are not yet supported in the Universal Data Fetcher/WM. Yuri may be working on this feature. Smile

- djmorgan - 02-27-2004

Bummer!............ thanks anyway Wink

- BlueHeaven - 02-27-2004


I didn't realize there was so much useful information out there!

I am still working on the VB script to gather information from multiple sources (can be just about anything) for the weather monitor. While still very buggy, here is an example of the output of the script. As you can see, there is a lot of information, but the file can be accessed by as many plugins as necessary. Smile


<RunTime>2/27/2004 05:31:00 PM</RunTime>
<Updated> 4:53 PM MST on February 27, 2004</Updated>
<SunRise>6:35 AM</SunRise>
<SunSet>5:48 PM</SunSet>
<DayLength>11h 12m</DayLength>
<VisLight>12h 07m</VisLight>
<Day1Fcst>Sat - Chance of Rain, 54°F</Day1Fcst>
<Day2Fcst>Sun - Chance of Snow, 34°F</Day2Fcst>
<Day3Fcst>Mon - Partly Cloudy, 43°F</Day3Fcst>
<Day4Fcst>Tue - Partly Cloudy, 42°F</Day4Fcst>
<Day5Fcst>Wed - Chance of Snow, 44°F</Day5Fcst>
<MoonRise>10:16 AM</MoonRise>
<MoonSet>12:33 AM</MoonSet>
<METAR>KBJC 272345Z 28013KT 25SM SCT050 OVC100 11/M04 A2982</METAR>
<Time>4:45 PM</Time>
<WindSpd>15 mph</WindSpd>
<WindGust> </WindGust>
<Visibility>25 mi</Visibility>

- HorusUK - 02-28-2004

djmorgan, this thread may give you a start on getting your image into a toolbar. Not a perfect solution, but Yuri seems keen to implement this, and so I'm sure he'll make sure it will work in menu's, too!

- Q Section - 06-08-2004

Twilight/Sunset Times (displays Morning Twilight, Sunrise, Sunset, Evening Twilight)
Mosquito Activity Forecast (displays Mosquito Forecast for some areas)
Flu Activity (displays confirmed flu activity local and national)

- Chris - 09-22-2004

It would be nice it there was a plugin that showed the computer name . I would think it would be easy enought. I was going to try but someone else may have already or almost already done it.

- Dracula - 09-22-2004

Erm, how often does your computer name change? Press Win+Pause and choose 'Computer Name', or write it down on a piece of paper, or use a batch file with "echo %COMPUTERNAME%"... A separate plugin to show a (semi) static label just doesn't seem really useful to me... ???

However, of course it could be implemented in a general system information plugin, which would be like Process Viewer, or ToDo list: a single button which opens a menu when clicked, and in that menu are (user selectable) fields containing various system properties, like computer name, current ip-address, screen resolution, windows version, processor type, current user, etc...

- Yuri Kobets - 09-22-2004

:p 15 minutes and sysinfo for Media Control is ready Wink
Place dll into players folder inside media control installation and skin into skins folder. Create Media Control and select player "System Info" and skin "iTuned Computer Name". Just one more what MC can do Big Grin

- Dracula - 09-22-2004

So actually Media Control behaves like a host for any DLL...? Wow, that's pretty impressive (both the Media Control and the fast response)... Wink

It works fine here, btw...

- Yuri Kobets - 09-22-2004

Quote:o actually Media Control behaves like a host for any DLL...?
Not any. Here is MC SDK But this is easier then full TLB plugin Wink

- Nisko - 08-18-2006

What URL are these Plugins available at?