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- ozxar - 03-21-2004

i am currently trying to create a WM that list the 5 latest skins that have been uploaded to
but i am having alot of trouble with it because there isn't a defining thing for each different skin, it looks like this
[quote]<div class=news>

- Yuri Kobets - 03-21-2004

Try this provider Wink

- ozxar - 03-21-2004

ooh, can do it that way, thanx alot Yuri i was trying diff things for about 2 hours Sad

- HorusUK - 03-21-2004

ozxar Wrote:also my skin doesn't show up in the weather monitor's skins list, if someone could help there,
In the skin.ini, make sure that Version = 2.

name = New Skins
author = ozXar
email = [][/EMAIL]
version = 2