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- HorusUK - 04-10-2004

I've updated the BBC, CNN, and Sky Weather Monitor skins in the Skin Library.

There's also a TrueSoft Forum Monitor too. There are still a number of improvements I want to make to it, specifically involving message display and alerts, but I've had a lot of requests, so it's in the library.

I also created an Aljazeera skin. However, the initial zip file didn't contain the provider file, so it's attached below. You'll need to download it, and rename it to aljazeera_news.ini then follow the instructions in the readme.htm file in the original zip file.*
<span style='font-size:7pt;line-height:100%'>* Edited by HorusUK 05:00 11/04/2004 - No longer required. The zip file in the skins library has been updated</span>

If any of you have suggestions for improvements to these skins, or ideas for new ones, please post them here!

- ozxar - 04-10-2004

the provider file was there for my download Wink

- HorusUK - 04-10-2004

Indeed it was! Yuri has been an absolute star, and replaced the original zip file.

This download now contains all necessary files.

Thank you, Yuri! Big Grin