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- XHydralisk - 07-14-2004

Is there a way to detach a single menu from TLB and use it as a stand alone window? Sometimes you get to a folder that's very deep and want to do more than one action. This way you could have it floating and access it as many times as you want.

If it's already a feature then I cannot figure out how to do it, and if not, that is my suggestion.

I am using
windowsxp pro sp1
TLB 3.0

I saw how to float the entire tool bar in the FAQ, but I was wondering if there was a way to float a single menu.

- shapeshifter - 07-14-2004

This is not currently possible, but I think this would be a great feature, as well.

- XHydralisk - 07-14-2004

Incase anyone was uncertain of what I was trying to say, here is a photoshop of my suggestion.

[Image: tlbbefore.jpg]before
drag the "My music" folder away from the "My documents folder"

[Image: tlbafter.jpg]after
and have a stand alone floating menu that you can directly access

- Yuri Kobets - 07-14-2004

Yes, this feature in my todo list.

- Dracula - 07-14-2004

It's called "tear-off menu's" right?

Keep in mind that every single (sub)menu is just a folder in explorer, so you could as well right-click the (sub)menu and choose 'Open' to get almost the same result...

- XHydralisk - 07-15-2004

But the TLB plug-ins don't work in a explorer window