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- ngh55 - 07-12-2001

First, I love that when you bouble click the bar before the "TrueSoft" it resizes according the specifications one have, great, but wouldn't be greater an option to let it still?? (I mean letting the bars without an option of resizing) because sometimes my fingers do their own thinking :biggrin:

By the way, I LOVE the hide stuff, if you could add a "password protected" for the hidden icons it would be GREAT!!! :biggrin:

- Ustas - 07-13-2001

Resize on double click is standard behavior for panel and I do not write any code to make this Smile
I can make the "password protect" (and I'll make this) but I whant to say this not very strong protection. Password only asked if you run shortcut from TLB but some body can open the folder with TLB shortcuts and run using explorer. But this "password protection" will work fine with not expert users Smile

- ngh55 - 07-22-2001

yes, it doesn't matter if the protection is low, but the password should be asked when you try to unhide a hidden button, to mantain privacy, it is more fun than when clicked =)

- Ustas - 07-23-2001

Yes, this is really funny idea. I think it must to be Smile