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- 3Dman - 08-11-2001

First of all - FINALLY. Finally launchbar for my taste, launchbar as I have imagined it. I lost count how many launchbars I have tried. But the search is over. Thanks for this prog!!!

And here is my "requests" or anyway how should I call them:

1) backup configuration. Would be nice if I can save in safe place all TrueLaunchbar structure I have created.
2) file types. Would be -overcool- if I could set what filetypes only show in virtual folders. For example, just .exe, .txt, .pdf, all image types.
3) email checker: when i have downloaded mails, icon is still animated. It is kinda wrong.
4) menu appearance: maybe some more cosmetical options, for example, ability to put folder name on the top of that colored line (I always have launchbar at the top of the screen, not at the bottom).

Well... Thats it for now Smile Maybe I will have more "good ideas" later...

- Ustas - 08-11-2001

Hello 3DMan!
Firt of all - your words are honey Smile

About backup configuration:Right-Click on the empty space of toolbar, select Open from menu and save all files where you want. Now the structure of TLB are saved. To restore all settings and layouts simply restore files you saved at the backup step.
Note: Close TLB before restoring saved data

Other ideas are accepted to execution Smile

- 3Dman - 08-12-2001

Yuri, your support are unbelievable. Thanks for fast and constructive answer! By the way: my name is Juris, hehe, thats the same your name, only latvian version Smile .
I am going to send you those 10 bucks some day, you deserve it definetely.