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- cmishima - 06-15-2001

1. Allow MOVING OF BUTTONS in Virtual folders - Currently all BUTTONS are locked into Alphabetic order.


3. Please email registered users when new version (even BETA) is available.

4. Allow launch button shortcut name by user pressing F2 as this is windows convention

5. Allow setup of password before launching of certain shortcuts (Click - enter password - program launches)

6. Make option for to launch program on mouse hover only therefore launch does not require mouse click

7. True Launch uses the Windows Quick Launch folder. Allow to MOVE this folder to another Drive instead of the default drive of Drive C:

8 .Allow to HIDE Button but NOT delete button (like Microsoft short bar)

9. Please ADD easy USER FEEDBACK form to SETTINGS : ABOUT. This way you can get regular feedback

10. User defined Balloon Help for all buttons See my graphic example

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- Ustas - 06-15-2001

Thanks for so extensive wish list.
Item 3) On True Launch Bar's home page there form to subscribe to our mailing list. We send update notify through this list.
Item 8) Yes. You will can HIDE/UNHIDE buttons in th next version
Item 10) This feature will also be in the next version.

Other features fron this wish list we make as soon as posible (but may be in the next version too Smile)

- Ustas - 06-20-2001

User defined Balloon Help for all buttons now works in v1.1.0.3
[Image: tttext.gif]

HIDE/UNHIDE feature works too Smile

- Serge - 07-10-2001

My wishes:

1 Button to start Screen Saver
2 Option to change bitmap of "Start" Button
(specially for Windows XP)
3 Option to make task bar transparent