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- Dracula - 05-17-2003

I have Startkiller running from the moment Windows starts, but occasionally the start button returns. I still don't know why this happens. But in order to hide it again, I have to close the old Startkiller (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12, Exit), and start a new instance (somewhere in the Start menu).

It would be great if there was a button in the Startkiller settings dialog to hide the start button again. Big Grin

- Dracula - 05-18-2003

Well... I found a way to unhide the startbutton, try this:

* Create a new standard windows toolbar and point it to the folder "My Computer"
* Make sure the start button is hidden by Startkiller
* Now click on a drive in the new toolbar

On my system this always causes the startbutton to re-appear...

In the image below, this toolbar is on the bottom right...

- shapeshifter - 05-18-2003

I tried what you listed, but can't seem to duplicate this bug. I've never had any trouble at all with start killer. In fact, I'd forgotten I'm even using it.

What are your system details?

- Dracula - 05-19-2003

Quote:I tried what you listed, but can't seem to duplicate this bug.

I was afraid of that, and I must admit I don't remember having this problem before... but hey, I'm not posting this as a Startkiller bug, I'm suggesting a feature which makes it easier to undo this behaviour... :p

I already tried to figure out which new programs could have caused this, but without success: I terminated Iconoid (silly program that contols desktop icons), and removed the TLB Desktop plugin...

And it only happens with the "My Computer" toolbar (any item). So not with eg. default QuickLaunch, or "MyDocuments" folder or when I use Drive Space plugin to open a drive...

I'm puzzled Sad

You can see the used TLB plugins in the screenshot...

[Windows 2000 SP3, TLB 2.2, Startkiller 2.2]