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- HENNESSY - 07-20-2003

Can somebody create a simple plugin that is just a small text area in the taskbar where u could type something (like a note). And if u rebooted the text would be still there.

This would be really great

- Yuri Kobets - 07-20-2003

I'm working on this. TLB must be changed a small to enable to write plugins with text box. First I'll release the cmdline plugin (this plugin will replacement of Start->Run but with some useful features like google search).

Then I'll make the plugin you ask. Any suggestions for plugin name. May be some extra features?

- shapeshifter - 07-20-2003

How about calling it "Scratchpad"? It could keep a history of notes entered, automatically copy the note to clipboard on double click, clear on right click, and of course be skinnable. I think this would be a very useful plugin.

- Eric J Johnson - 07-20-2003

Yuri Kobets Wrote:First I'll release the cmdline plugin (this plugin will replacement of Start->Run
I will like this Wink

Yuri always making ceaseless advancements! Thanks.

- a1ehouse - 07-21-2003

You could use (Daves Quick Search Bar) - numerous features on the taskbar, and also includes a history of what's been typed.

- shapeshifter - 07-21-2003

Yes, but when you type something in and hit return, Dave tries to execute it. If you don't hit enter, it doesn't get moved to history. Hence the need for a scratchpad.

As far as a command line plugin that does what DQSD does, I'm all for it. DQSD does a LOT of stuff that I never use, but I still have to allocate memory to it if I want to use it as a command line / address bar. A TLB plugin would probably be a lot smaller (Yuri is really good at packing a lot of functionality into a small file).

Don't get me wrong, Dave makes a great product, too. I'll probably continue using it until Yuri makes his version. But I'd never pay for the use of DQSD like I did TLB.