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Full Version: Keyboard mavigating through menus
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I've recently created my own startmenu (see attached image), with hotkey Alt+Win assigned to it. I'm used to navigating by keyboard as much as possible, but now I'm running into two minor problems.

1st: When pressing the first letter of a submenu, I would like the menu to be opened automatically, just like the normal startmenu is working.

2nd: When my mouse is in a place somewhere where the menu expands, it is impossible to navigate by keyboard, because I've set the option to automatically expand when hovering with the mouse. In the attached image one can see the mouse is above "Microsoft Mouse", but when I try to navigate to "Borland C++ Builder 6.0" (by keyboard) the "Microsoft Mouse" menu opens because of the placement of the mouse.
Question: IMHO hovering with the mouse means a (small) movement of the mouse. Is it possible to distinquish between a real movement (hovering) and the static placement of the mousepointer without moving? In the last case, the menus shouldn't be automatically expanded.
Maybe the mouse should be ignored if the last menu was opened with the keyboard and the mouse hasn't moved since then?
I think this would match all situations indeed, so I second that!
Opening submenu's: I requested the same Smile
Oops, I've overseen that one. Actually, I've forgotten to name the accelerator which would be very useful too!
Quote:Opening submenu's: I requested the same

aha, I thought this sounded familiar Wink
And I already mentioned the mouse hover issue in this topic... but I must admit I got no reply to it ;-)
The first suggestion will be released in the next version.
The second one also will be released. Mouse will be ignored until you move mouse out off 10 pixels rect. I think this will be optimal solution of the problem.
G, I thought I really used the search :0
Yuri, thanks in advance for releasing these wishes!
Hold on a minute you all! Are you saying that if I put the mouse over an item and leave it there for (in my case) 200ms its NOT going to popup or are you talking about the "Run shortcuts on mouse hover" option?

Doesn't unchecking "Run shortcuts on mouse hover" solve the mouse problem?
No, the current functionality will also be existing in the future. The only thing is that you have to move your mouse at least 10 pixels for popping-up, so that a mouse movement can be measured. If no movement is measured, the popup will not take place. This way it is possible to distinguish between keyboard and mouse navigating, as requested.
One more improvement of keyboard navigation: CTRL+left/right arrow to open next menu. And yes the next version will support accelerators Wink