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Full Version: Skins changed in the version - About changes of the skin spec.
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In the version the skins specification was changed. Old skins now do not work. You must download updated skins from We convert not all skins yet.
The request: Any body know the WindowBlinds skin for WinXP with skinable Quick Launch buttons?
So the 2 skins on have been updated? Smile

The Request: I am not awear of this...
Yes all skins from have been updated. Other skin will be published soon.
I'm not positve, but from Stardock (windows blinds) they finally made a public beta of ObjectBar.

I think that is what you're talking about skinning toolbar buttons (it does hte Start menu too).

<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w --> has a skin section for it.. it changes quite a bit.
ObjectBar doesn't skin the QuickLaunch Buttons...
It is a application in itself.. and you loose the QuickLaunch (TrueLaunchBar)

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I wonder how difficult it is to include within the skinning option the ability to recolor the True Launch Bar itself. At the moment it is the regular grey but it would be nice to have the background in a different color.
Maybe he's talking about StyleXP which hacks MS's Themes DLL file so people can make their own Skins without the use of bloated blinds.
No I talking not about StyleXP. TLB works fine with StyleXP themes, because it do things using almost standard methods. I'm talking about WindowBlinds. I download some skins but every of them do not have skin for QuickLaunch. So I cannot test TLB with WindowBlinds.
I whant to make small util, something like Skin Builder it will allow to make skins for easy. And the backcolors too.
Most window blinds skins skin Quick Launch Buttons.. Smile
A list of some that skin the Quick launch Buttons (but not the True Launch Bar Buttons)


This would be a VERY nice feature if could window blinds skinned True Launch Bar Buttons.. Smile

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