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Full Version: I would like to post Graphic images - to help illustrate my examples
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Now that TLB is becoming very powerful with many options I think Ikonboard should create one forum that allow Graphics.

I think uploading screen examples is a quick way to see an example of a suggestions or problems.
All you can do is upload the image to your site.. and use Ikonboard's image codes to display it.
I run a couple vBulletin Boards, and those allow this image upload to the board/server.., Wink
But vBulletin is &#36160 + &#3630/year.. as to Ikonboard is FREE. Wink

[Image: tlb_ss_fri_sep_14th_8_36_am.gif]

(Edited by Eric J Johnson at 3:45 am on Sep. 14, 2001)
Yes. I see now. Perhaps that is enough.

Anyway I will use this tecnique to display the following

I wish TLB could have a option to display system settings such as below

[Image: systeminfo.jpg]

This would be helpful when debugging and making report to Mr. Kobets.

(Edited by cmishima at 6:18 pm on Sep. 14, 2001)

(Edited by cmishima at 6:18 pm on Sep. 14, 2001)
Ok, next version will comes with system info tab.