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- DasH - 10-11-2001

If I buy True Launchbar, can I upgrade it later when there are bugfixes e.g.?

- Bob Freeman - 10-11-2001

Yes no problem, please read all about that kind of stuff at the True Launch Bar FAQ site.

Welcome to the TLB forums


- Eric J Johnson - 10-11-2001

yes FAQ is very handy.. Chisato has added many questions there,, Smile
search for upgrade ...
or just click this link which answers your question Smile

but Yuri currently does not charge for upgrades, nor do I think he plans on charging for them.. :0)

- Ustas - 10-12-2001

Yes, Eric was right. I do not plan to take money for upgrades. All registered users get updates for free.
On the other hand I plan to increase the price of the *next final version*. But this increase of the prices will not touch the registered users.
So buy now and save money Smile

- Eric J Johnson - 10-12-2001

Good plan, I have always said you do not charge enough for this software.. Smile