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- Ustas - 01-05-2002

We update our forum. Now it have Poll opportunity. Well, the first poll is Do you like new look of the Foum?

- rich - 01-05-2002

Hi Yuri,

fyi... I sometimes run Opera 6, & happened to run it tonight. In O6 you (I) can't see the buttons for:

new topic


- Ustas - 01-06-2002

I try Opera 6 and all buttons are visible.
May be you disable all cookies?

- Ustas - 01-06-2002

Now you can attach files and images Smile

- Eric J Johnson - 01-06-2002

Big Grin

- rich - 01-06-2002

Cookies were already enabled.

Weird, it's working today.


- Eric J Johnson - 01-08-2002

You should apply the XP theme to this board Wink
It looks good.