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Register a plugin - Dracula - 04-26-2005

Yuri, when one has built a DLL, how does he get TLB to recognize it as a plugin?

I put the DLL inside its own subdirectory in TLB/plugins/ (is this required?), and used "regsvr32 myplugin.dll", which gave a success message. However, no entry shows up in the "New" list...

- Yuri Kobets - 04-26-2005

You must restart TLB also. Other way run the command
tlbref.exe /P
This utility refresh the plugins list.

tlbref.exe in inside attached zip.

- Dracula - 04-26-2005

I thought TLB didn't require a restart when you install a new plugin, for example using the Component Manager? So somehow, those plugins register on-the-fly...

Please correct me if I'm wrong here... Wink

- Yuri Kobets - 04-27-2005

Every plugin setup runs tlbref.exe Wink