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- Doug Smith - 08-13-2001

Here's a suggestion.

How about an option to have a popup list of the previous 10 or so clips made with CONTROL C. You could then scroll up or down the list CLICK and have that particular clip automaticaly pasted into your current application. I would think that would be a very helpful feature.


- rich - 08-13-2001

Hello Doug,

In case you haven't run into it, this has already been done (for free)

Yankee Clipper III
A super powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar ‘Outlook’ interface.

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There are several out there. have a look at:


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If you don't mind shelling out a few bucks, an even better solution would be ClipMate.




- Doug Smith - 08-13-2001

Thanks Rich. Yes, I know about Yankee Clipper and clipmate / clipmagic / cliptrakker.

The point here is to try and give feedback to Yuri as to how to add functionalty to Truelaunchbar. Adding a simple clipboard function would enhance TL and not require loading up another program taking up recources. - That's why I posted it in the I WISH section.


- Ustas - 08-14-2001

Thanks Doug for your suggestion. I do not sure that make this in v but I accept this feature.

Just want to say. The "active" buttons are actually the plugins. There are small SDK I have writen to extend TLB. Clipboard enhancer will be plugin too. So I'll make the page with plugins and will add new plugins there.

- rich - 08-16-2001

>The point here is to try and give feedback to Yuri as to
> how to add functionalty to Truelaunchbar.

Hi Doug,

Understood what you meant.

Just seeing visions of another app that does what it does well, trying to be your local "Donut, Chinese food, ice cream store super market"
(Jack of all trades master of none if you will)
[no reflection on your coding abilities Yuri!, just a comment in general terms.]

My vote would be to keep refining what TLB does already and make it "best in class"

At any rate, as long as it's a plug-in, we can both be happy with Yuris' fine work.

Agreeing to disagree, Wink


- Doug Smith - 08-16-2001

Yes. I agree with what you say. Keep it tight and make other stuff plugins.

From a selfish viewpoint I want to reduce overload on my machine and get rid of extra programs such as Clipmate. If past effort is prelude I can imagine Yuri would do a great job on such a plug-in so I would rather see TL have this ability than have to load up another resource grabber.

Anyway Yuri. TL is a great piece of work. We all want to see you succeed.