Virtual Desktops - short key for moving windows arround
Started by DarkLaser

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03-19-2003, 08:54 AM -
I absolutly love multiple virtual desktops, thats why I've been using another multiple virtual destop app for a few years now. A few features I very much enjoy which are not currently available, but I feel should be implimented are:

- Short key for switching desktops (already mentioned in this forum)
- Short key for moving windows from one desktop to another (potentialy a mouse mothod as well).
- Ability to make a window sticky (shows on all desktops) (probably one way with the mouse, and a keyboard shortcut)

With those in place, I would have a hard time feeling any necessity to stick with my current program (Shelltoys CoolDesk).

By the way, one of the great things about CoolDesks short keys is, you are provided the option of defining them your self. This way, you can choose short keys that dont interfear with anything else. This is something I also highly recommend.

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12-02-2005, 05:52 PM -
I totally agree... I'm on the brink of buying this program if the shortcuts on the desktop would be there I would dump my current program and switch to the tbl desktop... could someone spend an hour an add this in? PLEASE Smile

one extra feature would be so you can move window from one desktop to another with a shortcut key as well I'm using desktop plus works ok, but seems that tbl switching is a lot faster if only the shortcuts were there!!
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03-09-2006, 01:11 AM -
I also absolutely agree to this feature request otherwise Virtual Desktop is nearly unusable.

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