[BUG]s TLB Beta 7.3.4 Text Not scaling on High DPI Display
Started by JTB3

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05-03-2017, 12:15 PM -
Hi Yuri,
Congratulations on getting out the latest 7.3.4 beta release! After loading it on my Dell XPS-15 4K laptop, I'm noticing many problems with the high DPI scaling:

1) Icon text is not scaling at all.
2) Title/separator text is scaling correctly (this is the only text that seems to be the correct size).
3) Separator lines are too thick (over scaled).
4) Standard Windows 'Folder Icons' are still a bit too small (compared to other icons).
5) 'Volume Control' slider/graphics and icons are also not scaling at all.

The new beta_7.3.4 is unusable on my system, so I've now reverted back to beta_7.3.3. Here are some example screenshots:

TLB_Beta_v7.3.3 (Before Update)

TLB_Beta_v7.3.4 (After Update)

TLB_Beta_v7.3.4 (DPI Scale 'Off')

I made sure the 'Apply DPI Scale Factor' setting was checked (unchecking it eliminated all scaling, except for the 'Menu Caption' text - perhaps this is another issue?). I did not select (or change) the 'Use default shell sizes' setting.

My Dell is running the latest 64-bit Windows Creators Update.
The window scaling on the laptop screen is set to 225%
My attached screenshots are scaled down due to being captured on a remote desktop connection.

Hope this is helpfull - I'll be looking forward these being (hopefully) fixed in the next beta! -JT Smile
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[BUG]s TLB Beta 7.3.4 Text Not scaling on High DPI Display - by JTB3 - 05-03-2017, 12:15 PM

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