[BUG]s TLB Beta 7.3.4 Text Not scaling on High DPI Display
Started by JTB3

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05-08-2017, 01:32 PM -
(05-08-2017, 06:38 AM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: I've released version 7.3.5 RC1

Thanks for the quick turnaround on this Yuri! (though I'm surprised you're calling it a release candidate with known bugs still present)

Quote:1) Icon text is not scaling at all.

version 7.3.5 RC1 fixes this (I hope)

Yes! The text is now scaling properly - nice job! (see screenshot below)

Quote:3) Separator lines are too thick (over scaled).

Not resized screenshot will help Blush

Separator lines are still too fat (I've attached a full-scale screenshot)
Notice in my full-scale screenshot that the separator lines are 6-pixels tall - My Dell XPS-15 notebook screen is scaled at 225%, so I would expect the lines to be (at most) 3 pixels tall, +drop shadow (Note that you can't see the drop shadow in my screenshot because I had to turn off the 'Glass' effect and I've temporarily applied a dark menu background due to the 'Aero Glass' utility not yet being available for the W10 Creators Update)


Quote:2) Title/separator text is scaling correctly (this is the only text that seems to be the correct size).

I think this was because of the custom font.

Separator title text looks good now (but the lines, as described above, still remain too thick)

Quote:4) Standard Windows 'Folder Icons' are still a bit too small (compared to other icons).

Please can you post screenshot? The screenshots in your previous post are too resized Sad

See in my screenshot that all of the 'system icons' appear just a little too small, as compared to the other app/program icons. Can the scaling of these be tweaked up just a bit? (This is not a huge issue, but it is noticeable to me!)

Quote:5) 'Volume Control' slider/graphics and icons are also not scaling at all.

I have to adopt all plugins for dpi scaling Blush

I can appreciate that this is 'a lot' of work! It would be great if you could update at least a few of the more popular/critical ones (like 'Volume Control' and 'Spacer' with the next (RC) update - I'd also love to see the 'News/RSS Reader', 'Timer', and 'Color Picker' plugins updated soon! Smile

Again, many thanks for ALL of your hard work on this update Yuri!
-JT Smile

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