Windows 7 and DisplayFusion latest
Started by Gary Mugford

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Gary Mugford
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07-26-2019, 08:35 AM -

Thought I'd give a try using DisplayFusion in place of old standy-by UltraMon for handling multiple monitors. Turns out TLB and DF don't get along because of some 'design decisions' by the DF developers. They don't particularly like non-DF objects on their non-primary monitor taskbars. And don't seem particularly inclined to change that stance. Although they DO say they'll add the request to the list and let everybody know if they get to it. (It's been repeated a LOT of times in the last seven years from what I could see)

So, do YOU have any ideas how to get around the DF reluctance?? I thought I might try to tear away the secondary monitor's bar, but that just leads to a folder on the secondary monitor's desktop. And with the various levels of menus I have on that bar, that's useless. Leaving aside my clock replacement and Time Up ticker.

Right now, while I fume over awaiting a reply from DF that I'm indeed stupid for having paid for the thing, I've got the two monitor's TLB bars on the main monitor, leaving, ONE INCH for all the program running icons on that monitor. DF converts them into a little up and down arrow to cycle showing them one at a time. I figure I can wait on this for 24 hours max. Then, I'm heading back to UltraMon.

Should have investigated more thoroughly. THAT time would have saved me time NOW ... and some money. Boy, do I wish my mother had never taught me to swear in public, because I've got a long string of words I'd like to use right now.

So, can you save DF from uninstall forever??? Thanks, GM

PS: Any chance you saw my note on a menu of drop targets in a tear off menu over in the Features sub-group?? And do I have any hope on THAT front???

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Windows 7 and DisplayFusion latest - by Gary Mugford - 07-26-2019, 08:35 AM

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