Two monitors, then one, then two again
Started by Gary Mugford

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Gary Mugford
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03-17-2020, 02:40 AM -
I've been running a two-monitor Windows 7 system since the dawn of time. I came home from a brief sojourn to the hospital last Wednesday (six days ago) and found my right hand Samsung was dead. Took a while to confirm it. But when I finally did, I realized I was going to have to compress my TLB's into one monitor. I already ran a full TLB implementation on the right-hand monitor that included (on the task bar), buttons with menus attached, direct application (usually to be run ON the right hand monitor) icons and a few info tell-tales. On the left-hand monitor, I ran a single menu button with my Hardware Guy's face on it that was for his use.

Making sure I had backups of backups of backups, I finally got everything going on the now solo monitor. I dragged each icon, whether for app or menu, from the BIG toolbar formally on the right hand monitor to a single menu button inside the HWG's button. And EVERY SINGLE menu came over as a pointer to a folder of shortcuts.

At this point, I basically stopped. I spoke with HWG and we decided I would replace the Samsung with a 4K Monitor from ASUS. The plan would be to move the left-hand monitor to the right-hand side, where MOST of the work was email, download monitoring and passive applications where I wanted to watch what they were doing without them bothering me on the main usage screen on the left. In essence I will be demoting the Samsung.

Thank you for reading so far. The QUESTION is, do I simply restore my backups from before my attempt to consolidate or do I proceed with trying to make the system solely work on the new ASUS 4K monitor. The plan would be to use pictures of the HWG and myself as the two icons in the TLB beside the SysTray. His would go vertical as before. Mine would bounce open to be the flat TLB I was used to seeing on the right, with menus expanding upwards from there. It would be two clicks to what I had been using direct icons for, before. But it would certainly ease any burden bouncing back and forth between the number of monitors.

ALSO in play here is that the taskbar real estate on a 4K monitor is pretty expansive. I COULD replicate the basic root folder into a single row easily enough and not cramp the taskbar's showing of operational icons.

Last question before I wear out your patience. IS THERE A QUICKER METHOD of moving MENU buttons from TLB to another? Obviously, right dragging and copying DOES work. But with the experience I've had with the copied menu buttons turning into FOLDER buttons, I'm sure there's SOME WAY to copy AND RETAIN all the customization work. There's a VERY GOOD CHANCE that this computer becomes a secondary computer in the not distant future. It'll go back to a single monitor, probably the Samsung. And the new ASUS will be part of a three-monitor setup attached to a new machine.


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Two monitors, then one, then two again - by Gary Mugford - 03-17-2020, 02:40 AM

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