True Launch Bar Triumphs over Windows 11
Started by atitlan

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03-01-2023, 11:35 AM -
I wrote the entry above as soon as Windows 11 moved into regular (if confusing) channels and was downloaded / installed into a Virtual Machine running on a Windows 10 laptop. Because of the limited / complicated hardware support of '11' in that VM I have stopped updating it and, indeed, recently deleted it.

At the head of these threads is the continuation of my 'True Launch Bar' project on Windows 11, started end of August 2022 and implemented on a dedicated notebook PC. This is not my 'daily driver', but I work with it almost every day and make it my traveling system.

Every month, after this '11' system has digested the new 'Cumulative Update', I post its build number to signal ongoing attention to '11's development and maintenance.

To date, 'TLB' 8.0 — in concert with the additional items in the Windows Infrastructure I have indicated there — functions flawlessly and allows Windows 11 to attain 'acceptability' if still far from ideal (after all, it's Microsoft …)
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