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Control Plugin
Started by Shield

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Rainbow  05-07-2012, 11:47 AM -

What about a plugin that adds the following benefits to TLB:

- Pleases several existing suggestions for new plugins in one go
- Allows the use of shortcuts that are freeform
- Gets rid of bulky and artless seperators which are wasting space in order to group associated shortcuts
- Makes True Launch Bar WAY more fancy, since it will say goodbye to the quadratic-icons-all-over-the-place-look

This might be done within minutes. Because it's already there. Im talking about the Media Control Plugin. Less the 'Media'. Excluding the whole media player communication stuff that processes


and replacing it with the simple execution of

command=MyProgramOfChoice.exe /SomeCommandLineParameter

is all it takes to create the most versatile, all-round-component you can imagine. Instead of using separators, one can create skinned areas which group shortcuts. While this may look fantastic, it's also incredible powerful: In connection with a scripting language, this Control Plugin could be transformed into a skinnable control for literally ANY APPLICATION (!) that can be remotely controlled, be it by hotkeys, API, DDE calls or whatever.

Wouldn't this be awesome, or is it just me? Big Grin

What do you think...?

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