Windows 7 and DisplayFusion latest
Started by Gary Mugford

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Gary Mugford
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12-03-2019, 10:36 PM -
(12-03-2019, 10:41 AM)Wisewiz Wrote: I find this strange. I had three monitors going on DF for years, and had very few if any problems that they didn't solve immediately. Maybe the personnel running it changed.

I've long since uninstalled DF. Here is the quoted final reply of the thread I started with the Binary Fortress support person.

"Sorry, just to clarify, what I mean by there's no API for it, is that toolbars are (for lack of a better word) "plugins" for the Windows taskbar. Neither Windows, nor the toolbars provide a way for a third-party program to call them. The competing app [UltraMon] that does support toolbars has found a way to reverse engineer what the Windows taskbar does to load the toolbars, we haven't.

Good idea on contacting the developers of True Launch Bar. I'll put that on my list and see if they'd be interested in adding a way for us to call their toolbar from DisplayFusion."

I've assumed that the position of the contact request has not moved on that (probably mythical) list. There are other items that seem logically important that have languished, if a quick read of the BF support forum is indicative of. There were SOOO many things to like about DisplayFusion. Not enough to give up UltraMon. I've reserved my licence (I declined to get a refund. I PAY for my mistakes). And I might give it a try initially on a Win 10 machine. But I'm sanguine about DF support. So it's unlikely I don't continue using UltraMon, which does a VERY GOOD job that could be slightly better, when working with TLB.

I AM very curious as to how you got DF working with the multiple monitors with each maintaining linkage to the programs ON the monitor AND having it's own TLB. I'm old, but not TOOOOO old to learn new tricks.

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