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Control Plugin
Started by Shield

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05-17-2012, 04:45 AM -
Hi Yuri! Thank you for your response. Smile

(05-16-2012, 11:36 AM)Yuri Kobets Wrote: The problem in configuring of this plugin. If the application is defined in the skin that plugin will be a limited only predefined set of applications. If applications can be changed in the properties, then this can be not so easy to skin them.

I'm sorry if I expressed myself unclearly (stupid me Big Grin) but I'm not suggesting a TLB Control that holds multiple controls for one single application, like the media plugin. I was thinking about a TLB control whose instance can hold controls for various applications. These embedded controls are basically shortcuts, but skinnable ones, thanks to the abilities of the host componen. Please take a look at the very simple example below: Clicking the controls left wing launches local audio player foobar2000, while right wing starts the Local.fm client ...

That control area could be followed by another one which looks completely different, and embeds all office shortcuts. No need for separators here anymore. However, the result will look so much more structured.

In my point of view, TLB is not just about efficiency, it's also about giving the users more design and creativity options. But doing this, it limits itself by trying to make the best out of that what Windows offers. I think the media control plugin shows best what lies beyond this limit. All I'm talking about is: Break it down.

Quote:It is not so hard to write the "player" that handle the commands like "command=MyProgramOfChoice.exe /SomeCommandLineParameter".

... and that's all that is needed. It's obvious that this step is going to push both visual attractivity and usability of True Launch Bar to a new level.
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