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Started by CWBillow

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02-16-2018, 11:56 AM -
Yuri, I believe I had mentioned this some time back:

Not certain this is technically a bug, but the items in the Windows

Start Menu
Administrative Tools

all have "Windows" in from of their names. In addition, "Accessibility" has been renamed by TLB to "Ease of Access."

These can be brought into agreement with the actual Windows names using the Appearance/Button Properties In TLB. The difficulty with this however is that by so doing the auto-arrange in TLB does not recognize these renames, and therefore does not sort properly.

It would be wonderful if these specific renames of TLB were either eliminated or at the least offered as an option instead of being the default. That way, if the user wants to rename these items that would be available, but the auto-arrange would be available for those wanting to maintain conformity with the Windows Programs menu names.

Chuck Billow

Chuck Billow

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