Mail Monitor - Edit filters, Actions and Conditions tabs
Started by Sam Hasler

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Sam Hasler

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01-17-2008, 05:01 PM -
I find that once I've set the Actions for a filtering rule I don't need to change them that often but I do look at or alter the conditions quite frequently.

It would speed up my use of the dialog if the Conditions tab was first so it was active when I open the dialog; that or make it remember the tab that was previously open. (I think I might prefer the old layout)

In fact it would be really helpful if the edit filtering rules dialog would open with the focus on the rule and filter condition for the currently selected email.

I'd also appreciate a larger area for the conditions list. You could reduce the width of the Filtering rules column/box if you removed the Up/Down buttons and supported drag & drop moving, and then used square "+" "-" and copy (like a "cut & paste" copy) icons.

It would also be nice to have some more vertical space for the conditions, there seems to be a lot of space below it you could use, and the "Filtering Conditions" label is a bit superfluous.

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