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Virtual DeskTop and windows list
09-25-2008, 01:49 PM
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Virtual DeskTop and windows list
The reason I have included both is because the enhancements sort of works togeter and/or one may affect the other.

1) In Virtual desk top. When the mouse is over a virtual desktop number it shows the Applications on that desktop. When it is over the active desktop, it just shows "active desktop". I think it should show the Applications also because some may be covered.

2) Windows list. If Virtual Desktop is be used also, it should show the desktop number and/or name. And if you click on it, it should make that virtual desktop active and that Application window have focus.

3) When you leave and come back to a virtual desktop I think it should make what ever Application window had focus before should automatically become the focused window again. Currently you have to click on the window.

Jack Allen
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