True Launch Bar FAQ has new section - How to use plugins
Started by cmishima

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09-12-2002, 11:28 AM -
I have started to add how to install and use plugins.

Here is an example of the new FAQ section on PLUGINS

True Launch Bar has several extra features (and more coming) that can make it a very versatile program. First download the particular plugin you are interested in from the True Launch Bar website.

[Image: plug1.jpg]

After downloading install the program to the correct directory which should be as shown in the install window

[Image: plug3.jpg]

When the installation is finished you should either restart your system or log off and log on again.

[Image: plug4.jpg]

Finally you should then right click on the True Launch Bar and choose NEW and then you should see the available plugins in the subdirectory.

[Image: plug5.jpg]

Generally when you either shutdown your computer or log off you will press the start button and then select the shutdown option at the bottom of the menu.

[Image: shut1.jpg]

True Launch Bar can add a simple plugin that does the same thing but provides a one button solution. It’s called the ‘turn off computer’ plugin.

Download and install the plugin as described above.

[Image: shut2.jpg]

When you have successfully added the shutdown button to the True Launch Bar you can easily click this button and make a selection as to what you wish to do.

[Image: shut3.jpg]
Please read the True Launch Bar FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
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