What is Customise Menu supposed to do?
Started by SolihullRog

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05-22-2016, 04:00 AM -
I've had the program for a long time. The 'Customize Menu' option on the context menu has always puzzled me but I've got along without it. But I want to learn to use it.

I see in the manual that it should show a 'normal' looking menu. But mine has always given just a blank window with a couple of checkboxes and a button. This is not what is described in the manual.

So I click 'Help'. I just get gobbledegook HTML/XML?

I've just created a new menu, but I want to control its width?

How do I do it, please?

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Yuri Kobets
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05-28-2016, 03:00 PM -
I'll fix the help file thank you. Now try to click the topic at the left sidebar

About Customize menu. As I see from the your screenshot you have right clicked the toolbar to open the "Customize menu". Usually you should right click inside menu to customize menu (width, theme colors etc.). Also usually "Customize Menu" is used to overwrite the default menu settings from TLB Settings. For example, you can define maximum menu width in TLB Settings->Menu-Sizes, but define different maximum width for some of you menus in Customize menu.

Note the Customize menu depends of the place where you right-clicked. If this is the toolbar, you define settings for all menus (just add menu level). If you right-clicked inside any menu to open "Customize menu", the settings will be applied to this menu and submenus.

I can recommend this video to view how the Customize menu works. Video shows the changing the colors only, but this works for other settings too.
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06-20-2016, 05:29 AM -
Thank you Yuri. You response appeared to illuminate me about TLB Settings...

It had always puzzled me because I'd missed its 'obvious' purpose of providing defaults.

So I checked my default settings and checked some menus which I hadn't changed from default.

The 'defaulted' menus didn't match TLB Settings...

Not surprising, you might say, if the default values are inserted when a menu is generated.

So I tried a little experiment. I set all of the 'default fonts' to @Arial Unicode MS size 14.

I then created a new menu, choosing the predefined menu All Control Panel Items, but leaving everything else to default.

Lo and behold, the menu was generated with a font which was @Adobe Fan Heiti Std B and looked like size 9.

No wonder I didn't realise that TLB Settings... were supposed to be defaults.

Such an occurrence - on something which should be so trivial - is all-too-common with TLB.

If I ever get the time I'll send you another 20 - unless you suggest that I'm wrong, of course.

None of your competitors suffers from such basic failings, but your design is far superior to theirs.

I use version 7.3 64-bit.

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