Hold [Shift] Key to launch several items from menu - -- Feature Suggestion --
Started by Deejay Bromgas

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Deejay Bromgas
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12-01-2002, 11:27 PM -
Hi Yuri!

TLB lacks a feature that the ol' Start Menu supports:

It sometimes (quite often) happens to me, that I'd like to start several items from a menu at once. For example: I want to open an installer file and the according serial.txt of the same directory. Unfortunately, those files are in the sixth level of my file structure in the virtual folder. So I have to navigate through the submenus, click the first file (swop, the menu hides) - and I navigate again to get the second file open. Things get worse if there are more items than two to start. By the way, I have knowledge of the item-grouping-feature which can also be configured to start the defined group of icons together, but I think that's not the most flexible way to individually start several files at once.

My workaround for this problem is: Doubleclicking the menu item of the folder containing the items to open. And then, in the Explorer-Window, opening the items. Finally closing the Explorer. Not THAT good.

My suggestion: The implemantation of a "Hold-Shift-Key"-functionality, which keeps the menu or virtual folder or whatever opened while the user picks one item after the other, unless he lets the shift-key go and picks the last item to open. This shouldn't be too much coding effort and is exactly the way the start menu uses to work.

If you would get this done till the next release, there won't be anything else missing for the TLB to be the god-like massive agressive quicklaunch AND startmenu replacement.

Thank you in advance.

A deeply grateful user of TLB

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