Just some suggestions for plug-ins improving
Started by katoaristera

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12-04-2002, 03:38 AM -
Just some suggestions for plug-ins improving: these correspond to some of my needs/wishes, and I think could be shared by others tlb users; I have not idea of the technical difficulties in introducing these features and I apologize in advance for daring asking.
1) Increase the choice of actions on click: not only "Open Mail List on click" or open the Mail Reader (if first choice if not checked), but also add some of the commands that are in the context menu, such as "Check Mail Now", "Pause/Resume Check", "Mark All as Read".
2) Improve the insertion and handling of e-mail addresses in the "Related" entry: add the possibility of importing a list of address from a "comma separated text file" or similar (like in Apivision "QTbar", see example, sorry if it is in French); permit the sorting of the addresses (alphabetical or customed); permit the creation of groups (personal, work,...)

WEATHER MONITOR: it should be nice to have the possibility to show also the name of the monitored place, either in the tooltips or near the icons

Thanks a lot

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