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- cmishima - 12-12-2001

Let's post our picture and make friends. My name is Chisato Mishima. I am Japanese and I help write the True Launch Bar FAQ.

[Image: Headshot.jpg]

- Bob Freeman - 12-13-2001

Here ya go. Bob 'toolbar' Freeman. Engineer and wannabe DJ. Thankx to Chisato for the FTP space to upload my pix.

[Image: pix.jpg]

- Ustas - 12-13-2001

Yuri Kobets - author of True Launch Bar Smile
[Image: ustas.jpg]

- Eric J Johnson - 12-13-2001

Ok remember you asked for it:
[Image: eric_johnson.jpg]

Name: Eric J. Johnson
Born: Greenville Michigan
Current Home: Kalamazoo Michigan
Occupation:Owner/CEO/Self Employed
Quote: Let God be your guide and you will live a long wonderful life.

Comments: I love to help everyone I possibly can, If I can not I'll find someone who can help them. I enjoy Online gaming/Travel/Tennis/Clubs/Spending time with my daughter/and just plain enjoying life!

God Bless,
Eric J. Johnson

PS: If anyone would like to put thier picture up but does not have a domain or site to store it on,
I will upload it to the True Launch Bar FAQ images folder for you and you can store it there.
just send a email to .

- Doug Smith - 12-13-2001

Doug Smith out of Houston Texas. Nine years firefighter with Municipal fire department. Former paramedic in US Marines.

This is a great idea Chisato.

[Image: doug-sfgym.jpg]

- Seismo - 12-19-2001

my name is Marcus
I live in Frankfurt/Germany
I am studying Computer Science and I am a hardcore TLB User ;-)

Hmm....I guess this threat is only for 'real' members, but hey, why not post a pic here, since there are so nice ones :-)

[Image: marcus.JPG]

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