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- Eric J Johnson - 09-11-2001

I do not like the name of the toolbar showing at all. Wink
Is there a option to turn this off?

- Ustas - 09-11-2001

Right-click on title and select Show Title

- Eric J Johnson - 09-11-2001

I mean I do not want to see the name of the (tool bar)
Ex: Quick Launch

- Ustas - 09-11-2001

This option turn on/off this name. But I want to make option to turn it off at all. In the next version.

- cmishima - 09-11-2001

Can you explain this thread to me. Turning off name of tool bar is easy just RC and click show title.

What else do you mean?

- Eric J Johnson - 09-12-2001

No, that only turns off the titles of the (folders) not the toolbar itself.. yours does not say the name of the (toolbar)? (ex: quick lauch)?

- Eric J Johnson - 09-12-2001

AAAAAAAAAAAA! never mind!
everything is working fine.. i guess I did not see (show title), I only saw (show text)... errr Wink

Everything is great.. nothing needs to be changed.. thanks Wink
(but it would be nice to have that in the settings part instead.. anyone have a thought on this?) Smile

(Edited by Eric J Johnson at 4:09 am on Sep. 12, 2001)

- Doug Smith - 09-12-2001

No definitely *don't* move the ‘show title’ switch to the settings screen.

If Yuri does that *more* people will complain they can't find it. It's the windows toolbar standard to have show text and show title on the RC screen.


Can the TLB controls on the RC menu be put together better with a title something like this

<True Launch bar control>

General Settings

Manage toolbars
Switch toolbar >

Show Title on current toolbar
Show text on current toolbar

Show Hidden buttons
Close Toolbar

- HolzemFrumFloppen - 09-14-2001

I still don't see this option when I right-click on the name "TrueSoft", which is what I'd like to get rid of to make more room on the taskbar.

Again, I do NOT see the option to either "Show Text" or "Show Title". Is this feature only available to registered users?

Please respond.



- Eric J Johnson - 09-14-2001

If it says TrueSoft, then you have not paid for the program, and can not get rid of that Wink.
You must register True Launch Bar to get rid of it.

- HolzemFrumFloppen - 09-14-2001


Thanks a bunch for the prompt reply! Not a problem. I'll be trying it out for a few days... it's looking great so far! If I like it, I'll definitely register it!



- Ustas - 09-14-2001

Just want to say. If you do not see Show Title - you use old version Smile

- Eric J Johnson - 09-14-2001

You will love it! Wink .. I have had this wonderful program for a LONG time now, and it just keeps getting better
and better!