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- Doug Smith - 09-16-2001

Reading Bob's post about multiple monitors set me off thinking.

Here's a thought. What about an auto sensing toolbar.

Let's say I use MS WORD and I like to have various application on my toolbar related to MS WORD. It would be extremely neat if TLB sensed when MS WORD was open and automatically switched to my WORD toolbar and switched back to my default toolbar when I closed WORD.

Now I know its possible to do this *within* some applications but I dont know if Windows could do that.

I think that would be a real super feature.

- mR z00z0 - 09-17-2001

It is possible I think. One way is to determine the active prog by the foreground windows name, the other is by checking the foreground window and check which proccess it belongs to. This is just an idea of course Wink

- Ustas - 09-18-2001

OK, I shall expand a Toolbars tab and add this feature.
The suggestion are accepted!!!

- Eric J Johnson - 09-18-2001

Wow,, heeh this seems a little to much... can I not have this feature? Wink (enable/disable)

- rich - 09-18-2001

I have to agree with Eric. Speaking for myself, I don't want my toolbars flipping around on me. My vote is for enable/diable this feature.


- Bob Freeman - 09-18-2001

I think it's a great idea. !!! Please do it soon.

I am sure it's no problem to have a enable/disable switch.

Actually several programs do that already so I think True Launch Bar should have the feature. I can think of several ways to use it right away.


- Ustas - 09-19-2001

Enable/Disable is matter-of-course Smile