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- Doug Smith - 09-24-2001

Not enought posts!!

I think everybody's questions have been answered by the FAQ site (great job btw)

What we need is a new TLB beta to play with?

How about it, anything new on the horizon <grin>

- Eric J Johnson - 09-25-2001

Hehe,, Thanks Doug,

Chisato has been adding alot of FAQ,
and trying to get good Screen Shots to show alot
more than words can. I have a company to run,
so I do not add many FAQ, heeh.. But I host the site
and keep it running. Wink

- Bob Freeman - 09-25-2001

Regarding TLB development. I wonder if there is a way to set up a database of requested features. Sort of a table listing which features have been requested. I know this is done with Microsoft software.

If you read the list it helps you refine any suggestions you have and also helps the beta testers know what features to look for in new releases.

- Ustas - 09-25-2001

First of all many thanks to Eric and Chisato for great FAQ site Smile.

Bob Freeman: Database of requested features plus voting system. Users can add features, other peoples vote for some of feature. I look on voting results and place priorities for myself Smile.

Doug Smith: new version will out at the end of this week or beginning of the next week.
Some of new features:
- Protecting buttons by password
- Titles in menus (separator with text)
- Change Icons and Description in the Virtual Folders
Also I remake the plugin SDK for some new features. And make plugins page on the site. One new plugin is Volume Control, may be some other small plugins will out with new version.