TLB menu view suggestions
Started by Unbeliever

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03-08-2005, 02:51 PM -
I know i might be annoying with my constant bug reports/suggestions but my only intent is make this excellent application even better.

Since TLB has replaced a huge number of programs i used, i have several more suggestion i hope will find their way into a future release of TLB.

1. An option to have the background of the menu transparent (user would be able to set the transparency) and keep the text and the icon opaque would be great.

2. I like how the "caption" colour could be set as a gradient and would love if it was able to have the same gradeint option for menu highlight item in the "Skins" panel in TLB settings. (like in the example i attached)

3. It would be great if user could set the spacing between the menu border and the items in the menu. i think the items in my menu are too much to the left and no matter what setting i use in the metrics in never changes.

4. More versatile spacer in menus would be great. It would be great if spacer could be set as a line that runs at full width of the menu and/or the simple, grayed out text (like in the examples). i know something like this could be done with current separators in menus but extra versatility and options shouldn`t hurt, right :wink:

5. I have 2 "Win" keys on my keyboard. i was wondering if there was any way i could use one as a hotkey for TLB. when i try to use it now, Start menu pops up ( i know it`s meant to be that way, but i don`t need 2 win keys Sad )

6. I would also like to repeat (i`m like a parrot i know :oops: ) my 2 suggestions from this (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->) thread. I think being able to set number or levels to expand would be an incredibly usefull and a great addition to TLB.

7. Ctrl+click or single click to open folders in expanding menus. I like my menus to expand on mouse over and i would like to be able to open them (in explorer) with a single click. With the current double click, it`s a bit annoying cause they first expand and then open in explorer. a ctrl+click to open folders in explorer would be a great solution.

I hope i`m not being to annoying with my posts and that Yuri won`t mind me posting so many reuests.

Thanks in advance.

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