Feature Request: Virtual Folder w/last used quick launch...
Started by DaSwitz

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12-23-2005, 08:06 AM -
Maybe you can do this currently, but I haven't figured out a way. One thing I'd really love to see is a either a plug-in or virtual folder type that would allow me to quickly launch the last task I clicked in that folder.

The idea is this, the menu button would show the icon of the last launched program in that folder (and by default the first item in the folder.) The button would then have two functions. You could either click the "down" arrow to pull up the virtual folder list, or click the icon to launch the last activated task.

This would work just like the "Font Color" box works in Office 2003. The button always shows the last color selected and click the icon changes to that color. However, you can select a different color by clicking the down arrow.

(Heck, maybe there's even an option to have icon shown launch either the last activated task or the most frequently used task.)

I'd also love this feature to work with the default Quick Launch folder. Basically we could just group similiar task items in a subfolder directly off the default Quick Launch folder and TLB would then automatically make those first subfolders this type of button.

This feature would be extremely useful to me as I tend to have multiple similiarly related tasks on my QL bar.

As a web developer, I have the 4 most common browsers I test w/on my QL bar. However, 99.9% I use Firefox for my daily browsing. It would be great to condense these until basically one button. I could still get to Firefox with a single-click, but also quick get to the rest of my browsers.

There are other types of programs that I could group like this as well (Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Quicktime, etc.)

I throw together a really quick idea of what the button might look like. The left-hand portion of the button you'd click to launch a task, the right-hand portion would pull up your folder contents.

Anyone else like this idea?

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