Several features suggested
Started by pavelh

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Yuri Kobets
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08-19-2010, 09:33 AM -
Quote:Any size icon for any item on the menu:
This is not possible in Free Launch Bar and possibly also not in the TL Bar: ability to display icons of different sizes in one menu. So far you can choose to display small or large icons, but what if you want to highlight several files? Wouldn't it be nice to display all files icons as small icons and then select those files you need to highlight, because they are most important, and select displaying their icons as large icons?
This feature is released already. Right-click any item and select Appearance->Button properties. TLB will show the list of all items in menu/toolbar, you can select what items to change and change the properties including the icon size.

Quote:Icon in tray:
A menu can be displayed by clicking its icon on the TL bar or by pressing a user defined keyboard shortcut. If a menu is hidden, you can only open it with the keyboard shortcut. So far so good. What I miss is the possibility to add the menu's icon to the tray. IMHO this would look very nice and would be very useful.
Not sure :oops:

Quote:Centered icon:
Free Launch Bar and possibly TL too - the icon is not centered on the thick Windows 7 task bar. It is displayed more to the top, while all the tray icons are centered in the middle. This doesn't look too good.
This is possible too: TLB Settings->Toolbar->Default alignment

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