weather plugin question or maybe a suggestion
Started by riow

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12-15-2003, 08:23 PM -
Quote:BTW, could you pls tell me how to add a delim to represent end of line?

As far as I know, all whitespace (spaces, tabs, line feeds etc.) are ignored when parsing HTML, regardless of which program (web browser, weather monitor) is doing the parsing. There are lots of ways to force the display to begin on a new line, such as
, <hr>, enclosing the content in

tags, or creating layers. Fortunately, all of these methods will give you a non-whitespace character you can use as the delimiter. Unfortunately, you'll need to look at the code to determine which character is appopriate. In general, however, "<" works well, since that's what all HTML tags begin with.

If you are having problems, please post a link to the page you're parsing, and the text you wish to extract.

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