FLB makes Explorer to perform huge activity: bug?
Started by dejudicibus

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08-10-2005, 02:04 PM -
Yuri Kobets Wrote:TLB reads all shortcuts you have on toolbar and in menus on startup. If you have too many shortcuts this process can be long.

Five minutes to read less than 100 shortcuts? It is too much, isn't it?

Yuri Kobets Wrote:TLB have virtual folders that loaded on first startup. Also maybe some shortcuts on network and this can slow down loding.

What does it mean exactly?

Yuri Kobets Wrote:Generally shortcuts into menus can speendup loading process. If you are using antiviruses disable to check FLB toolbar folder also.

What do you mean by shortcuts into menus can speendup loading process? What should I do? In any case I do not think disabling antivirus is a good idea. Can you better explain that to me?

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